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I discovered Alyson B. Stanfield’s podcasts about the time that she stopped producing them.  The great news was that the content of her podcasts was on her blog and she has continued to write.

I picked up the following this morning…

Relax! This Blog Post Formula Does the Work for You [Infographic]

by Alyson Stanfield on April 11, 2012

Do you struggle with writing blog posts?

If you’re like a lot of artists we’ve had in the Blog Triage class, you blog because someone (probably me) told you it was a good idea. But you’ve never really gotten the hang of it.

You fight your way through blogging. You might have a good idea for a post, but it’s like jelly when you sit down to write because it has no form, no backbone.

Facing the blank screen with good intentions, you hack something out because it’s time to post. You need that post you promised.

Alyson said this was supposed to be fun!” You whine.

Read the remainder of this post here.

I suggest that you follow or subscribe.  There’s some great information here.  Someday I’m going to take one of her classes.




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One Response to Blog Content from Another Great Blog

  1. You definitely should! I’ve taken 3 or 4 of Alyson’s classes and have been so pleased with how she runs them. What a gem she is!

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